BTS JHOPE’s older sister Jung Jiwoo’s wedding photos are very beautiful! A photo of a wedding with her husband is a hot topic !!


JHOPE is in charge of dance at BTS.

JHOPE with a bright personality is also known as a mood maker in BTS.

The YouTube video of JHOPE’s older sister Jung Jiwoo has become a hot topic!

This is a video posted on Jung Jiwoo’s official YouTube channel on December 31st.

Jiwoo was trying on a wedding dress for her wedding.

Jiwoo is an influential person in the fashion world, and this YouTube video has been played over 2.4 million times! (As of January 18, 2021)

You can see that she is attracting attention from all over the world.

Her style is outstanding, her waist is thin, and the wedding dress looks great to her.

On Jiwoo’s official Instagram, the wedding photos with her husband were also posted.

Her husband’s face was hidden, but he was a fashionable and cool silhouette!

Jiwoo’s face looking at her husband’s face looked happy 😆

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Jiwoo is attracting attention as BTS JHOPE’s older sister too.

Both are celebrities, and it’s amazing that they are successful in their respective fields!

I’m looking forward to the future activities of JHOPE and Jiwoo ♪