September 7th is Yeontan’s birthday! ARMY celebrates BTS Taehyung(V)’s Yeontan!

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BTS Taehyung (V) is popular all over the world.

Taehyung(V) has his dog Yeontan and Yeontan is also popular among ARMY.

Today, September 7th is Yeontan’s birthday!

This is Yeontan’s first video posted by Taehyung in December 2017.

Yeontan was small and very cute!

Since then, Taehyung has often posted videos and photos of Yeontan.

Yeontan gradually grew big, and ARMY was also surprised.

Yeontan is fluffy, so it seems good to the touch.

This video has become popular among ARMY.

It seems that Yeontan also came to the dressing room when BTS was active in “IDOL”.

Not only Taehyung, but all BTS members loved Yeontan, and ARMY envy Yeontan!

To commemorate Yeontan’s birthday, words related to Yeontan, such as “#HappyYeontanDay”, have become a trend on Twitter.

Yeontan’s cup holder event is also held at the cafe, and Yeontan’s popularity is amazing!

Recently, there aren’t many posts by Yeontan, so I’d like to see Yeontan again ♪

Happy Birthday Yeontan 🎉