The eye tattoo on BTS Jungkook’s arm is a hot topic! Also pay attention to BTS’s cooking skills !!


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Jungkook has talents in singing, dancing, and painting, and is nicknamed “Golden Maknae.”

Jungkook’s arm tattoo became a hot topic in “Run BTS!” on January 19th!

This is EP.125 of “Run BTS!”.

Until now, the tattoo of “ARMY” on Jungkook’s finger was famous.

When BTS was working on “ON”, other tattoos on his arm also attracted attention.

And in this “Run BTS!”, Jungkook’s arm tattoo, which had never been seen before, became a hot topic!

The big eye tattoos were especially noticeable.

The big eye tattoo were beautifully designed.

There are tattoos with various designs other than the eyes, and it seems that Jungkook’s thoughts are put into it.

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At this “Run BTS!”, BTS members were cooking.

It was valuable to see BTS cooking.

Their finished dish looked delicious ♪