BTS shows off “Dynamite” at an amusement park! Appearance in AGT (America’s Got Talent) has become a hot topic !!

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS whose new song “Dynamite” won the 1st place in “Billboard Hot 100”.

It’s a song filled with the bright energy of BTS.

BTS appeared on AGT (America’s Got Talent) on September 17th and performed “Dynamite”!

This is the stage of BTS “Dynamite” that was shown at AGT (America’s Got Talent).

The performance at the illuminated amusement park was romantic and wonderful!

In the Jimin’s part, it was the best that Jimin came down from the top.

Colorful smoke was emitted one after another at the climax, and it was a perfect stage for the concept of “Dynamite”.

The costumes worn by BTS members are the same as those worn in the MV of “Dynamite”, and it has become a legend stage.

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Recently, BTS has appeared on various programs and performed “Dynamite”.

Not only AGT (America’s Got Talent), but also the NBC Today Citi Music Series and THE MUSIC DAY stages were cool.

Please check that out too ♪