BTS Taehyung(V)’s ear cuffs (earings) are a hot topic! His airport fashion is so cool ♪

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BTS Taehyung(V) is very popular all over the world.

Taehyung (V) is famous for his great fashion sense, and his airport fashion is attracting attention every time.

Today, May 29, BTS members including Taehyung (V) have left for the United States!

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This is the video and photos at the airport of BTS members posted on the official Instagram of KOREA DISPATCH.

Yesterday, Jungkook left for the United States, and other BTS members also left today.

The topic was the ear cuffs (earings) worn by Taehyung (V)!

Only the right ear of Taehyung (V) had an accessory like an ear cuff (earring).

Taehyung(V)’s ear cuffs (earings) were rare.

The black beanie was cute, and the airport fashion of Taehyung (V) this time was wonderful 😆

Let’s check the airport fashion of other BTS members ♪