Propose from BTS to ARMY! ? Samsung Galaxy Buds CM is a hot topic !!

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Quote from:Samsung Mobile
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BTS members are various advertising models such as FILA, Hyundai Motor, and Chilsung Cider.

The commercial featuring BTS is also very popular.

The newly released Samsung Mobile commercial has also become a hot topic!

This is a new commercial of Samsung Mobile featuring BTS.

BTS members were promoting with Galaxy Buds.

It’s been talked about that opening the Galaxy Buds box looks like a wedding ring!

It was a romantic commercial that was proposed by BTS.

At CM, BTS members wore different costumes.

Only Jin wore a suit, and it was a good proposing atmosphere.

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The concept photo of BTS’new album “BE” was released.

While “Dynamite” is a big hit, I’m looking forward to what kind of new song BTS will release!

Please check that out too ♪