What brand is the sweatshirt that BTS Jungkook wore in selfie? The simple design is cute!

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Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Jungkook is called “Golden Maknae” and is active in various fields such as singing, dancing, and painting talent.

On April 11th, Jungkook posted a handsome mirror selfie!

Here is a picture of Jungkook posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

Jungkook wore a sweatshirt of LAMODECHIEF !

The color of navy, the letter “L” written on the chest is cute.

The black beanie hat looks great on Jungkook!

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At Jungkook’s selfie this time, attention is also focused on his new smartphones.

Jungkook used to use a smartphone reinforced with tape, but it seems that he finally got a new smartphone.

I’m looking forward to Jungkook’s selfie in the future ♪