Strange face too!?BTS photo shooting behind is like a brother!


The new album “MAP OF THE SOUL 7” is breaking the record for BTS.

Now, beyond Korea, the whole world is paying attention to BTS.

Speaking of BTS, dance performances are a popular group, but members have a good reputation for interacting with each other like families.

The behind-the-scenes video of the concept shooting at “MAP OF THE SOUL 7” also showed bts family-like interactions.

BTS members in casual costumes as if they were students.

They were always fun members.

The condition was interesting.

I was also able to see the cute pose of Jimin.

He is so cute!

It was also interesting that Jin was brought by Jungkook and Jimin was carried by V.

It was like a crane game.

V is posing with only one person.

Everyone showed off their strange faces, and it was a video full of highlights.

BTS always entertains ARMY.

If you watch the BTS video, you’ll feel better!

Please check it out♪