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Bond of 솝! JHOPE inserts a coffee car into SUGA! !

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BTS SUGA made a comeback as Agust D.

The MV of “대취타” has exceeded 10 million playbacks in no time!

JHOPE inserted a coffee car for Agust D!

This is a photo posted on the official Twitter of BTS.

SUGA thanked JHOPE.

The coffee car says “솝 막내 홉 (Soup’s Manne Hop)” .

솝 (Sop) is the unit name of SUGA and JHOPE, so JHOPE will automatically become the manne (youngest).

There was also a picture of SUGA when picking strawberries.

Jin, Jungkook and JHOPE are also shown in the second photo.

It seems that three of BTS came to support SUGA.

SUGA seems to be happy to have everyone support him!

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A tweet that felt the love of BTS members for SUGA.

The bond of 솝 was seen after a long time.

Agust D’s new song “대취타” is really cool.

Please check it out!