BTS came home from BANGBANGCON! Check out cool fashion! !

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BTS celebrated their 7th anniversary on June 13.

BANGBANGCON The Live was held on June 14th.

Many ARMYs from all over the world participated.

BTS left the office after finishing BANGBANGCON The Live.

I introduce the fashion of good-looking BTS members!

The members were bowing to the reporters who rushed.

BTS is always polite.

I will introduce the departure fashion of BTS members who are interested in order.

Quote: 9k/

First of all, Jimin’s fashion.

Jimin’s hairstyle is really cool.

His orange tops looked great.

His piercings were nice too.


Next, JHOPE’s fashion.

JHOPE is always bright!

His fashion was funky like JHOPE.

The Off-White vest was unusual and cool.


V was still fashionable.

His rough feeling is cool again.

The color combination of khaki shirt and pants was wonderful.


BTS Jin’s fashion.

Jin wore a jersey and sweatshirt.

It was a rough fashion.

The light blue sweatshirt was cute.