It’s like alpaca!?Eat JIN is healing!!

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BTS character full of personality is popular.

Each of them is an attractive member, and when everyone is together, it doubles the fun.

The live has been discontinued because of the coronavirus now.

Still, BTS is cheering army on SNS.

This time, I will introduce the V live that THE JIN of BTS went to.

JIN ate a lot .

Eat JIN is very healed when you look at it, and energy comes out.

Jin that eats deliciously is pretty.

Speaking of Jin, it is famous to look like alpaca, but in this V live, it was as pretty as an alpaca.

The appearance to eat the leela was just like it!

It was a V live that healed the heart from the beginning to the end.

I want to see a lot of Jin who Eats from now on!

I’m looking forward to the next V live♪