BTS Jimin’s hand is small! ? A little finger comparison with V is a topic !!


BTS Jimin gets a lot of attention with his sexy performance.

Jimin on the stage is very cool, but usually Jimin has a lot of cute charm.

I would like to introduce BTS Jimin’s hand this time!

First of all, it is an image of V’s birthday surprise.

A difference between the size of Jimin’s hand who brought the birthday cake for V and V’s hand who received the cake was becoming a topic between ARMY!

The comparison image is easy to understand.

Quote: bts official facebook

The photos from the stage of “Friends” sung by 95z at the online concert BANGBANGCON The Live held by BTS became a hot topic.

The size of V’s little finger and Jimin’s little finger are too different!

Jimin looks cute compared to V !


This is a picture of 95z taken on the BTS show.

This is a nice photo that shows how good 95z is, but again the size of V’s hands has become a hot topic!

It was a very cute photo, whether Jimin’s face is small or V’s hand is big.

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Jimin with a small hand and V with a large hand.

95z’s cute comparative photos are always a topic.

I’m looking forward to more fun photos♪