Includes BTS V’s muscle training and recording of “Snow Flower”! V’s BE-Log was released!

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BTS released “BE (Essential Edition)” on February 19th.

The V Live that was broadcasted to commemorate the release was also very popular.

This time, I would like to introduce BE-Log of BTS V !

This is BTS V’s BE-Log released on YouTube on March 2nd.

The music of “Fly To My Room” was playing, and the daily life of V was recorded.

There was a video of V’s recording “Snow Flower” which was released as a surprise on Christmas, and V’s singing voice was wonderful!

After that, it changed to a video of muscle training, and V’s manly arms was very cool 😆

V enjoyed playing with a big dog was also recorded, and it was a great video for V fans.

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V’s BE-Log was released on March 2nd, RM’s BE-Log will be released on March 3rd.

It’s a short video, but it’s nice to see BTS members daily life !

Please check the next BE-Log of BTS ♪