Let’s exercise! BTS Jin & Jimin & SUGA dance with “Just Dance Now”! !!

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It is a world where contact with people is difficult due to the influence of coronavirus.

STAY HOME is called out.

KPOP has also had an impact, and live performances have been postponed.

Still, BTS interacts a lot with V Live to entertain ARMY.

This time, I will introduce the V live broadcast by three people of BTS Jin, Jimin, and SUGA.

At this v-live, three people, Jin, Jimin and SUGA, danced a lot to the tune.

The three people who dance happily are cute!

The three dancing “Havana” were sexy!

Dancing with a little shame was so cute.

It was also cute that the three of us were spinning around.

SUGA, who always has a low tension, seemed to be very fun!

I watched the three of us dance together, and it was very healing.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of V-live will be broadcast next♪