The beginning of BTS FESTA 2020! “Airplane pt.2 (Summer ver.)” has been released! !

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BTS FESTA is held every year.

BTS FESTA is an exciting event for ARMY every year.

The schedule was released the other day, BTS FESTA 2020 has finally begun!

“Airplane pt.2 (Summer ver.)” released on YouTube on June 1.

It looks like it was shot in Saipan in 2018!

BTS members who are happily frolicking in the pool were cute.

Jungkook and Jin wore sunglasses.

Some members were playing with floats.

It was summery and was perfect for the beginning of FESTA!

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BTS FESTA 2020 has finally begun.

Although it has only just begun, it has become a hot topic all over the world.

I’m looking forward to what happens next.