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BTS 95z shows “Friends” at BANGBANGCON! ARMY is moved by their high school uniform! !

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BTS BANGBANGCON The Live held on June 14th.

ARMY from all over the world participated in BTS live after a long time.

BTS sang a lot of songs that has never been performed.

Among ARMY, BTS V and Jimin’s “Friends” became a hot topic!

V and Jimin 95z’s “Friends” was unveiled at BANGBANGCON for the first time.

It was a popular song from ARMY, so it became a hot topic right away.

And it was more special because it was a singing in high school uniforms!

The performance of 95z was also wonderful, along with the lyrics of “Friends”.

It was a stage I wanted to see live.

You can’t get tired of watching the cute performances of 95z.

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BTS V and Jimin , 95z performed “Friends”.

The memories of the two men in uniforms were very valuable.

I would love to see it on a different stage♪