What’s meaning of BTS Jimin’s tattoo in “Set Me Free Pt.2” MV ?


BTS Jimin is very popular all over the world.

Jimin is popular for his charismatic performance on stage.

On March 17th, the music video for Jimin’s solo song “Set Me Free Pt.2” was released!

This is the MV of BTS Jimin “Set Me Free Pt.2” released on YouTube.

ARMY all over the world have been paying attention to the pre-release song of Jimin’s solo debut album “FACE”.

It was already amazing from the MV teaser, and in the full MV for “Set Me Free Pt.2” that was actually released, Jimin’s dance performance was wonderful😆

Jimin’s dance with many dancers was really cool.

It was Jimin’s upper body tattoo that drew attention!

I was curious about the meaning of the tattoo because there are a lot of letters written on Jimin’s body.

This Jimin tattoo appears to be a quote from German poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s “I live my life in growing circles”!

The tattoos with a deep meaning, I could feel Jimin’s thoughts on “Set Me Free Pt.2”.

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