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BTS Jin celebrated SUGA’s birthday the day before! ? Funny tweet of SIN is a hot topic!

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BTS SUGA will celebrate his birthday on March 9th.

SUGA’s birthday events are being held all over the world.

BTS Jin celebrated SUGA’s birthday ahead of time!

Here is a picture of SUGA posted on BTS’s official Twitter account on March 8th.

“Yoongi , I celebrated first. Happy birthday” with a message from Jin.

It’s funny to celebrate SUGA’s birthday the day before.

Actually, Jin celebrated the day before on SUGA’s birthday last year too.

In SUGA’s photo, There was a handwritten message from Jin, “Happy Birthday to Yoongi,” and SUGA’s face expression was cute.

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BTS’s tweets, which become a hot topic every time, seems to be expected for this SUGA’s birthday !

Please check it BTS’s tweets ♪