Unreleased scenes of Jin and Jungkook! ? Agust D “대취타” MV Behind!


Agust D made a comeback with the new song “대취타”.

BTS has a different charm than SUGA!

The MV of “대취타” is growing the number of views with great momentum.

The behind video of the MV of Agust D “대취타” has been released!

This is the behind scene of “대취타” released on May 24.

The MV was like a historical movie.

It was a hot topic that Jin and Jungkook had appeared!

In the actual MV, Jin and Jungkook were fighting, but there were actually unreleased scenes!

Here is the unreleased scene.

In addition to fighting, there was also a pattern of dancing with SUGA!

It’s hard to choose which version is interesting.

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Agust D made a comeback with the new song “대취타”.

It was a MV full of highlights besides Jin and Jungkook.

Please check it out!