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BTS TaeTae (V), who is too handsome even with a mask, is a hot topic! Taetae is cute in the car !!

Quote from:BTS twitter
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BTS is very popular all over the world.

The new song “Life Goes On” following the latest song “Dynamite” is expected.

This time, I will introduce a video posted by BTS Taetae (V)!

This is a video of Taetae (V) posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

TaeTae seemed to enjoy “Love Looks Better”.

TaeTae, who is too handsome even with a mask, became a hot topic.

Taetae showed us various facial expressions, and every facial expression was wonderful.

The gesture of raising his hair was too sexy and cool!

Words related to Taetae such as “Love Looks Better” and “Kim Taehyung” have become a trend .

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Taetae’s deep bass voice was noticed in the teaser of the title song “Life Goes On” of BTS’new album “BE”.

Not all have been released yet, but it’s definitely a good song!

Please check it out ♪