Healed by his smile! BTS V watching the Weverse is a topic! !

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BTS interacts with ARMY a lot on SNS.

Recently, BTS’s been talking to ARMY using Weverse.

There are a lot of ARMY which got the comment from BTS, too.

BTS V watching the Weverse is a topic! !

Bts V was seen watching Weverse in the V live on May 7.

V is looking at army posts with a gentle smile.

V is a member with a lot of interaction with ARMY in Weverse, i’m glad to think that V is always watching Weverse in such a fun way.

V showed me a post from a fan who liked it on camera.

V seemed to be happy to the cute image!

V is checking the post firmly.

On this day V was having a meeting of the new album with RM and JHOPE on YouTube.

Army was posting the situation together on Weverse.

JHOPE found out that V was checking Weverese !

Two cute people were seen.

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Always fun BTS V Live.

It’s also interesting to interact with ARMY in Weverse.

Please check it out♪