Jungkook eating ice cream is too cute! BTS appears in the CM of Baskin Robbins !!

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BTS is flooded with love calls from the advertising world.

The products that collaborated with BTS are hits one after another.

This time, I would like to introduce the CM of Baskin Robbins where BTS appeared!

This is a collaboration CM of Baskin Robbins and BTS.

BTS sells collaboration products with various companies.

This time it was a collaboration with ice cream.

You can see handsome BTS members in the CM.

Jungkook, who eats ice cream, has finally become a hot topic!

The expression of Jungkook’s ice cream is so cute!

ARMY was pleased to see the cute Jung Kook.

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BTS in collaboration with Baskin Robbins.

“7” was a key point in the collaboration product with BTS.

The colorful ice cakes were also cute.

Please check it out♪