Live at home with Army Bomb!?BTS BANGBANGCON is too much fun!!

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BTS has canceled the world tour due to coronavirus.

I’m sorry that army all over the world was looking forward to it, but i can’t help it.

BANGBANGCON will be held on April 18 th and 19th to entertain such ARMY !

Bts concerts were originally scheduled to take place in Seoul on April 18 and 19.

Instead of the concert being canceled, it’s bts to broadcast a live performance that you can enjoy at home!

Moreover, i can cooperate with ARMY Bomb which is the official light of BTS.

It’s too great!!

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BANGBANGCON will broadcast live footage from 12 o’clock in the afternoon through the YouTube channel BANGTANTV.

If the amibom shines, you’ll feel like you’re going to be able to enjoy the live feeling at home!

Let’s enjoy bts live at BANGBANGCON on April 18th and 19th♪