Focus on Jungkook’s reaction to V’s NG! MV of BTS 「Dynamite」 B-side released !!

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A new song “Dynamite” released by BTS to energize people all over the world.

As BTS thinks, “Dynamite” is a song that makes you feel better just by listening.

The MV of such new BTS song “Dynamite” B-side has been released!

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' Official MV (B-side)

This is the MV of BTS “Dynamite” B-side released on August 25.

A lot of cute BTS members danced on the B-side MV.

V’s NG was shown at the end !

It was a scene in which everyone kicked in time, but only V made the wrong timing.

Jungkook hit V’s shoulder .

It was cute, as V looked a little depressed.

Jin was saying something to V and it was an interesting NG scene.

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BTS always entertains ARMY.

A lot of interesting BTS members were shown in the MV of “Dynamite” B-side.

It’s fun to compare the original version with the B-side version!

Please check it out♪