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The world is paying attention! ! Natty debuts with “NINETEEN”! !

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TWICE was born audition program “SIXTEEN”.

SIXTEEN was talked about as a program in which trainees belonging to JYP Entertainment challenged various challenges in order to make their debut.

All the trainees who were performing at SIXTEEN were at a high level.

Natty who appeared in SIXTEEN and became a hot topic finally debuted with “NINETEEN”!

This is the MV of Natty’s debut song “NINETEEN”, which was released on May 7.

When the famous Natty finally debuted , it was a hot topic even before it was released.

“NINETEEN” is a song that you can fully feel the dance and singing voice of Natty, who was also acclaimed by JYP.

Listening makes you feel refreshed.

“NINETEEN” MV has been viewed over a million times in no time.

You can see that Natty is getting a lot of attention from all over the world.

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Natty finally made her debut after overcoming various trials.

Natty will be appearing on a lot of music shows and live performances will begin.

Please check it out♪