Rehearsal video of BTS “Dionysus” released! Pay attention to the powerful performance! ! BTS FESTA 2020

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BTS FESTA 2020 started in June.

“Airplane pt.2 (Summer ver.)” and family photos have been released.

BTS’s rehearsal video of “Dionysus” was released on March 3rd!

This is the rehearsal video of BTS “Dionysus” released on YouTube.

“Dionysus” was unveiled at the Kayo Festival in 2019.

This is a song with an intense performance.

The rehearsal footage of “Dionysus” was impressive.

The full performance of the production was amazing.

It was a rare video that I was dancing in a different costume than the stage costume.

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BTS FESTA 2020 will be released one after another.

This time it was a rehearsal video for “Dionysus”.

I’m looking forward to seeing what will be released next time!