BTS “Life Goes On” MV released! Impressed by message to ARMY who lives in the coronavirus!

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BTS made a comeback with their new album “BE”.

The title song “Life Goes On” was a word that appeared in the speech of the UN General Assembly of BTS, and fans all over the world were expecting what kind of song it was.

The MV of BTS’new song “Life Goes On” has been released!

This is the MV of BTS “Life Goes On” released on November 20th.

In the teaser video, the warm atmosphere where BTS members smiled around the bonfire was noticed.

It was also talked about that Jungkook is the director of the MV.

The released MV started with the scene where Taehyung (V) drives.

BTS members gathered in the living room to play games together, and the MV had a warm atmosphere.

The climax of “Life Goes On” performing at the live venue, which was a moving scene!

I’m sure you’ll be more impressed if you listen to it at the live venue.

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The MV of BTS’new song “Life Goes On” that was finally released.

It was a song that was filled with the thoughts of BTS for the modern people who live in the corona.

The performance of “Life Goes On” will be unveiled at the “2020 American Music Awards” on the 22nd.

Please check it out ♪