BTS Jimin’s Nike pink sneakers are cute! His duffle coat and hat are also cute!

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BTS Jimin is popular all over the world.

BTS members, including Jimin, have finished their concert in Busan and are now proceeding with their individual schedules.

Jimin left for New York, USA today, December 6th!

@koreadispatch on Instagram: "- ✔ 지민 (BTS) ✔ 인천국제공항 출국 ✔ 2022. 12. 06 #방탄소년단 #BTS #지민 #JIMIN #박지민 #ParkJimin #공항패션 #공항 #출국 #airport #departure #DIPE #디스패치 #dispatch"
703K likes, 4,782 comments - koreadispatch on December 5, 2022: "- ✔ 지민 (BTS) ✔ 인천국제공항 출국 ✔ 2022. 12. 06 #방탄소년단 #BTS #지민 ..."

These are photos of BTS Jimin’s departure posted on the official Instagram of KOREA DISPATCH.

Jimin’s airport fashion this time was so cute!

Jimin wore a knit hat and a duffle coat, it was an airport fashion with a sense of the winter season.

The glasses looked good on Jimin too.

Jimin’s pink sneakers caught our attention!

It looks like NIKE’s Valentine’s sneaker, and it’s a perfect sneaker design for Jimin😆

Check out what kind of schedule Jimin will be doing in New York♪