BTS SUGA broadcasted birthday V live! A cute birthday song sung by Jungkook ♪


BTS SUGA whose birthday is March 9th.

SUGA’s birthday events are being held all over the world, and it’s also a trend on Twitter.

On March 9th, SUGA broadcasted V Live to commemorate his birthday!

This is V Live broadcasted by SUGA.

It was broadcasted from a place like a lesson room, and the wall was decorated with SUGA photos.

There was also a strawberry cake, and SUGA celebrated his birthday with ARMY.

The scene where Jungkook entered the room on the way was a hot topic!

Jungkook appeared and was playing with SUGA’s hat.

In addition, Jungkook wore birthday glasses and sang a birthday song for SUGA, which was very cute!

SUGA was happy to Jungkook’s song 😁

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Various tweets have been posted on BTS’s Twitter to celebrate SUGA’s birthday.

There are many photos and videos of SUGA that have not been released until now !

Please check it out ♪