BTS Jin’s abs are a hot topic! ARMY was also surprised at his abdominal muscles !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS who appeared in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and performed hit songs including the new song “Dynamite”.

The talk with Jimmy Fallon also attracted attention.

BTS Jin’s abs became a hot topic in the dance game!

It happened in the corner of expressing emotions with dance.

The BTS members who performed cute dances to the songs of “Dynamite” and “Mic Drop” were interesting.

Jin continued to win the game and we saw his abs as he raised his arms!

Jin was embarrassed and hide his abdomen with his hands, but we could see his abs.

Jin has long been famous among ARMY for having abs, but fans all over the world are pleased to see Jin’s abs again.

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In “Fake Love”, Jungkook’s abs performance became a hot topic.

Many BTS members have abdominal muscles, who are cool.

Please check out BTS’s new song that will come back in November ♪