NCT127 Yuta posted his favorite photos of MEN’S NON-NO! His fashion is cool!

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NCT127 is very popular all over the world.

NCT127 released the original Japanese album “LOVEHOLIC” on February 17.

On March 9th, a special edition of the April issue of MEN’S NON-NO featuring NCT127 was released, and it is sold out one after another.

This time, I will introduce MEN’S NON-NO photos posted by Yuta, a Japanese member of NCT127!

These are photos posted on Yuta’s official Instagram on March 9th.

Yuta posted some of his favorite photos, and every fashion was wonderful.

In the first photo, the blue jacket looked cool.

In the next photos, it was a fashionable fashion that only Yuta could wear.

In the behind-the-scenes video released on YouTube, Yuta said “I will wear it as plain clothes, so please give it as a gift.” .

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MEN’S NON-NO behind-the-scenes showed a lot of fashionable NCT127’s fashion.

There was also a scene where they spoke Japanese, so there were plenty of things to see!

Please check that out too ♪