NCT127’s dorm changed! The roommate also changed?


NCT 127 is making a comeback with the new song “Sticker”.

NCT127 members are good friends and have a wonderful family-like bond.

Recently, fans are paying attention to NCT 127’s new dorm!

The other day, NCT 127 leader Taeyong broadcasted an Instagram Live from his new dorm room.

It was a hot topic among fans that they moved from their previous dorm.

Taeyong lives single room, and the fans were wondering how the room allocation of the other members.

And there are rumors about the information of the fans who asked NCT127 members about their new dorm room!

It seems that some members are currently living in their own room.

It’s a bit lonely for fans that NCT127 members who were roommates become a single room 😭

Still, it’s good that the members can take their time slowly by becoming a single room.

I would like to see how they live in their new dorm someday.

I’m looking forward to next NCT 127’s “24hr relay cam” ♪