Rumors that NCT2021 will be 28 members have become a hot topic among fans! What the number of new members and units ?

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NCT2021 announced that it will make a comeback with its new album “Universe” on December 14th.

It’s been a year since NCT 2020, and new activities are attracting attention.

Fan is thinking about the released NCT2021 poster!

This is the poster of NCT2021 posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

NCT2021 will release a new album “Universe” on December 14th.

The poster was like a blueprint for a car, and there were many points of interest.

There is a rumor among fans that NCT2021 may be active with 28 people!

There are 28 parts like screws written on the blueprint, which may be related to the number of NCT2021 members.

If there are real that NCT2021 is 28 members, 5 new members will join.

Many NCT ​​U units were born at NCT2020, so I’m looking forward to the new units of NCT2021!

It’s nice that we can see Shotaro and Sungchan’s stage again.

Don’t miss the upcoming success of NCT2021 ♪