NCT127 Taeyong’s younger brother! ? Taebaek’s Instagram live is so cute!

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Taeyong, the leader of NCT 127.

Taeyong is popular for his cool performance on stage.

Yesterday, on October 16th, Taeyong’s younger brother Lee Taebaek broadcasted an Instagram live!

This is an Instagram live broadcasted by NCT 127 Taeyong (Taebaek).

Taeyong wore glasses and wore plaid clothes.

Taeyong became a character called Lee Taebaek, a younger brother of Taeyong , and Taebaek is a college student.

Taebaek is the name that Taeyong was called by his father when he was child.

The looks is different from the usual Taeyong and Taebaek is very cute !

Taeyong (Taebaek) opened the One Piece’s figure at this Instagram live.

Taeyong really likes Japanese anime.

It seems that the figure Taeyong wanted was a chopper, and it was cute that he enjoyed the moment the chopper came out 😆

I’m looking forward to the next NCT127 Taeyong’s Instagram live♪