Just listening to it makes you feel better! NCT DREAM makes comeback with “Ridin’ ” !


NCT with a lot of units.

NCT DREAM is one of the youngest members of the NCT.

NCT DREAM members, who were fresh at the time of their debut, are now grown-up and masculine.

NCT DREAM made a comeback with the title song “Ridin’ ” of the new album “Reload”.

This is the MV of NCT DREAM’s new song “Ridin’ ” which was released on April 29.

You can feel the NCT DREAM becoming more and more powerful.

It seems to be energetic only by listening to it by the rhythm and the melody which becomes a habit.

“Ridin’ ” is packed with a lot of enthusiasm, aspirations, and energy of NCT DREAM.

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It was recently announced that NCT DREAM will be changed to a new system.

Mark, who graduated, joins us and will continue to work as NCT U.

The current NCT DREAM members will join the NCT team in the future and show their global success, so it’s going to be the last album for NCT DREAM.

Reload, the new album, topped 500,000 copies with only pre-orders, and the distribution chart has topped the charts.

That’s a lot of momentum!

NCT DREAM will continue to promote “Ridin’ ” activities on Korean music programs.

Please check it out♪