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NCT2020’s Twitter emoji is ready! Yuta and Shotaro are also written in Kanji !!

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NCT2020 will make a comeback with the new album “NCT2020 RESONANCE Pt.1” on October 12th.

A large-scale unit consisting of a total of 23 members.

The co-starring of NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and Way V members has become a hot topic.

Twitter emoji of NCT2020 members have appeared!

Quote: twitter.com

This is the NCT2020 Twitter emoji.

If you tweet the NCT2020 member’s name with a hashtag, an emoji with a member’s photo will be displayed.

It’s a wonderful event that matches the NCT2020 comeback event!

Many fans are tweeting, so the names of NCT members are trending all over the world !

Quote: twitter.com

Japanese members Yuta and Shotaro are now able to display photos even in kanji!

Shotaro’s kanji wasn’t clear until now, so Shotaro’s kanji notation was also drawing attention.

WayV members can also display photos in Chinese notation.

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NCT2020 will broadcast a comeback live of “Make A Wish” from 17:00 on October 12th.

I’m happy to enjoy the moment of comeback together!

Please check that out too ♪