Fans are jealous of the lovely YUMARK! ? NCT127 MARK who acts cute to YUTA is too cute !!

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NCT where all the members are on good terms.

Yuta and Mark (YUMARK) are famous as two of NCT 127 who are especially close friends.

It’s interesting to see Yuta love Mark.

In the voice V live broadcast by Mark, YUMARK’s good friendship became a hot topic!

This is Voice V Live broadcast by Mark on October 22nd.

When Mark was talking about Yuta, Yuta actually appeared.

Mark said to Yuta, “Please sing From Home !” was cute .

There was also an interesting tweet that “Mark called Yuta Oppa 9 times in 1 minute and 5 seconds” .

Until now, I thinked that Yuta’s love for Mark was strong, but at this V Live, Mark’s love for Yuta was amazing!

It seems that many fans have sent Mark a lot of jealousy comments about “Stop calling YUTA Oppa!” .

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Mark and Yuta’s V Live became a hot topic, and the word “MARK oppa” became a trend.

The friendship of YUMARK is popular all over the world!

We also support Mark and Yuta’s success at NCT2020 ♪