NCT Sungchan and Shotaro are roommates and the same dorm as DREAM! ? “Sungtaro” is a hot topic!

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Sungchan and Shotaro joined NCT2020 as new members.

They are attracted attention from fans all over the world because they are new members of NCT after a long time.

Today, Jungwoo and Sungchan broadcasted V Live !

This is V Live by Jungwoo and Sungchan.

Jungwoo and Sungchan spent their time as trainees together, so I felt that they are on good terms.

Recently, Sungchan’s dorm has been attracting attention among fans, and it seems that Sungchan became a roommate with Shotaro!

Their dorm is the same dorm as NCT DREAM members, and it seems that they got along by talking and eating together.

When we heard that Sungtaro (Sungchan & Shotaro) became a roommate, “Sungtaro” was a trend on Twitter!

I’m happy that Sungtaro have become roommates 😆

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In “Haechan Radio”, which was previously released on YouTube, the story of Sungchan and DREAM members was popular.

I want them to take a video of DREAM’s dormitory with “24hr relay cam”!

Please check out Jungwoo and Songchan’s V Live too♪