NCT Sungtaro’s instagram live is so cute! Sungchan spoke japanese! Shotaro’s hair is cool!


Sungchan and Shotaro joined as new members of NCT in 2020.

The two are nicknamed Sungtaro and are known for their close relationship.

Today, October 18th, Sungchan and Shotaro (Sungtaro) broadcasted an Instagram live!

This time Sungtaro’s Instagram live was broadcasted from Shotaro’s Instagram account.

It seems that Sungchan helped Shotaro’s first Instagram live.

It was cute that Shotaro and Sungchan were sticking together.

There was also a scene where Sungtaro hold hands each other, and it became a hot topic among the fans.

Recently, there wasn’t an activity where Sungtaro got together, so it was a nice Instagram live for their fans!

Shotaro’s hair is cool, and I’m wondering what the schedule was.

Maybe Sungtaro are preparing for NCT2021!

It was amazing that Sungchan spoke a lot of Japanese and had a conversation with Shotaro.

There were talk about Shotaro’s birthday and squid games, so let’s check it out ♪