WayV WinWin and Lucas’s trained bodies are hot topic! !

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WayV will release their 1st full album “Awaken The World” on June 9th.

WayV belongs SM Entertainment.

WayV also appeared in MAMA in 2019.

Such WayV’s Winwin and Lucas concept video has been released!

This is the concept video of WayV Winwin and Lucas released on YouTube.

I felt a wild atmosphere from the video of the two people

Especially Lucas is shirtless, and his trained body is a hot topic!

In addition to the cool visuals, the body is also very strong.

In the concept photo, Winwin body was also revealed.

I was surprised because I had never seen WInwin’s abs.

The abdominal muscles that were cleanly cracked were masculine and cool.

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WayV is a hot topic for visuals that have become wild.

I wonder what the new song is.

Please check it out!