The pizza package is so cute! NCT127 2022 Season’s Greeting photo was released! “KWANGYA Delivery” is a hot topic!


NCT127, a KPOP idol that is very popular all over the world, mainly in Korea.

NCT127 made a comeback with their new song “Favorite”.

NCT127 2022 Season Greeting has been announced!

This is a photo of the 2022 Season Greeting posted on NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

The concept of Season’s Greeting changes every year, and this year’s NCT 127 Season Greeting had a pizza theme!

It was interesting that the pizza package design was NCT127 special such as “K WANGYA DELIVERY”, “WOO PIZZA”, and “TYONG PIZZA”.

It’s a cute package like never before, and it seems that even people who don’t usually buy Season Greeting will want it 😆

NCT DREAM and Way V’s Season Greeting photos have also been released, so let’s check them out ♪