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Congrats! NCT DREAM wins first place in “Ridin ‘” at Music Bank! ! What is 1st commitment?

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NCT DREAM made a comeback with the new album Reload.

IThey are doing a comeback activity with the title song “Ridin’.

Sales were also strong, and they won first place in each chart.

NCT DREAM won the first place of “Ridin’ in the Music Bank.

NCT DREAM – Ridin’ [Music Bank / 2020.05.08]

This is the stage of NCT DREAM “Ridin’ at the music bank that aired on May 8.

NCT DREAM’s powerful performance is insanely cool.

[4K] NCT DREAM 'Ridin' 뮤직뱅크 1위 앵콜 직캠 (NCT DREAM Encore Fancam) │ @MusicBank 200508

In this music bank, NCT DREAM was nominated for the first place with OH MY GIRL “Nonstop”.

OH MY GIRL is also a group of people who are on the rise in popularity, so I didn’t know which one would win the first place.

And, NCT DREAM “Ridin’ won the first place splendidly.

It was the first time to play first in a music program on Ridin’.

The 1st pledge of NCT DREAM I was interested in was to sing while lifting the members.

Holding for a long time, so the lifting person seemed to be very hard.

Although the broadcast was non-audience, NCT DREAM bowed to the fans and thanked them.

NCT DREAM is polite!

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NCT DREAM became more and more cool.

The new song “Ridin’ is a perfect song for such NCT DREAM.

Congratulations on winning first place♪