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What is behind the NCT127 Mark’s birthday ? The truth about the cake on Doyoung’s face is revealed !!

Quote from:VLIVE
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NCT127 Mark born on August 2, 1999.

Mark was received many congratulatory messages from many fans.

Mark was celebrated from NCT members, but the picture of Doyoung posted by Mark has become a hot topic.

And, the truth of the case was revealed in the birthday V live broadcast by Mark.

Doyoung bought a melon cake for Mark.

It seems that the person who lost the rock-paper-scissors will receive a cake on their face.

It looks like Doyoung lost twice both .

And Doyoung seems to have lost to rock-paper-scissors for the third time !

It’s a cute episode like Doyoung!

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Birthday V live broadcast by NCT127 Mark.

The truth about the cake on Doyoung’s face has been revealed.

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