What’s meaning of WayV “Phantom” ? It related to the Phantom of the Opera?


WayV was very popular all over the world.

Ten and Winwin, who had been doing solo activities in China, have been waiting for a comeback for a long time now that they are back in Korea.

On November 23rd, it was announced that WayV will be making a comeback with “Phantom”!

This is the announcement of the new album “Phantom” posted on WayV’s official Twitter.

Fans around the world are delighted with WayV’s long-awaited comeback.

In the posted poster of “Phantom”, something like a gold mask was designed.

It had a noble atmosphere, similar to the concept of WayV’s 2023 Season’s Greetings.

I’m curious about the meaning of the title “Phantom”!

The English word “Phantom” means “illusion”, or “ghost”.

“Phantom” also appears in The Phantom of the Opera, so it might have something to do with it!

It’s a perfect concept for WayV, and I’m really looking forward to their comeback😆