Rhapsody of blues! ? RedVelvet “Birthday” MV teaser released! What is the relationship with Feel My Rythm?

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RedVelvet belonging to SM Entertainment.

RedVelvet is scheduled to make a comeback with the new album ‘Birthday’ on November 28th, and fans around the world are looking forward to it.

Today, November 27th, RedVelvet’s “Birthday” MV teaser was released!

This is the MV teaser for “Birthday” posted on RedVelvet’s official Twitter account.

In regards to “Birthday”, various photos were released and the concept was attracting attention.

“Rhapsody of blues” was played in the MV teaser for “Birthday” released this time!

RedVelvet’s previous song “Feel My Rhythm” was “Aria on the G-string”, and it seems that “Birthday” is also based on a famous song.

Just from the MV teaser, I have a feeling it will be a hit song, so I’m really looking forward to “Birthday”😆

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In addition, the shooting location of the music video for “Birthday” released this time was the same as the location of the photo Seulgi posted on Instagram before.

The time photos were posted is when RedVelvet released “Feel My Rhythm”.

Let’s check out the full MV of RedVelvet’s new song “Birthday” which will be released on the 28th♪