NCT Shotaro collaborated with BOA on “Only One”! Couple dance is amazing!

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Shotaro joined as a new member from NCT 2020.

Shotaro is a Japanese member of NCT following Yuta, and his excellent dance performance is popular.

Shotaro collaborated with BOA on “Only One” at “‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022’ SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA” held on January 1st !

In the previously released video about SMCU EXPRESS, Shotaro made a little comment about the collaboration stage.

Haechan danced choreography of “Only One”, so many fans have already noticed it.

In “Only One”, many popular idols such as Super Junior Eunhyuk , SHINee Taemin, EXO Sehun & Lay, and NU’EST Minhyun have danced with BOA.

It was the first time for Shotaro and BOA collaboration.

Their couple dance is wonderful, and Shotaro’s face expression was also amazing 😆

At “‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022’ SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA”, NCT2021 “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” and “Beautiful” in which Shotaro participates were also shown, so let’s check them out ♪