Jaehyun’s sleeveless outfit is cool! NCT127 “STICKER” live stage was released!


NCT127 Jaehyun is a popular member because of his handsome looks and sweet singing voice.

Today, the performance of the title song “STICKER” was shown at “NCT 127 WORLD PREMIERE STICKER” released on September 18th!

This is the stage of NCT 127 “STICKER” released on YouTube.

The outfits are same they wore in the MV for “STICKER”, and each one was cool.

The set was also perfect for the concept of “STICKER”, and it was a wonderful performance.

Everyone was nice, and Jaehyun’s sleeveless outfit was especially cool!

We can see Jaehyun’s arm muscle 😆

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In “NCT 127 WORLD PREMIERE STICKER”, not only “STICKER” but also “Lemonade” and “Promise You” stages are talked about.

All the songs included were masterpieces, and it was an album filled with the thoughts of NCT 127.

I’m looking forward to the comeback activity of NCT 127 “STICKER” starting from now on ♪