NCT Shotaro & StrayKids Hyunjin & ASTRO Moonbin & THE BOYZ Juyeon performed GOT7 “Hard Carry”! Powerful dance is a hot topic at KBS Song Festival !!

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The 2020KBS Song Festival featuring many popular idols such as BTS, TWICE, and NCT.

The stage is also gorgeous, and collaboration between idols has become a hot topic.

This time, we will introduce the stage of GOT7 “Hard Carry” performed by NCT Shotaro, StrayKids Hyunjin, ASTRO Moonbin, and THE BOYZ Juyeon!

This is the cover stage of “Hard Carry” that was shown at the KBS Song Festival.

Members who are good at dancing gathered from each group.

NCT’s Shotaro was a member who just made his debut, so it was a surprising combination!

It was a song by GOT7, a senior of StrayKids, so Hyunjin was used to dancing “Hard Carry”.

Moonbin had one arm sleeveless and wore a sexy outfit.

Juyeon’s dynamic dance was also great!

After seeing the performances of the four people, it was interesting that the GOT7 members showed a very excited reaction.

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At the 2020 KBS Song Festival, there were many other gorgeous collaboration stages.

Various stages such as Apink’s cover , and JYP & Sunmi have been talked about.

Please check that out too ♪