NCT127 Jaehyun’s new hair color? Revealed in SBS Inkigayo !!

Quote from:SBS Inkigayo

The NCT 127, whose “Neo Zone” series released in 2020 topped the million-seller market.

The popularity of NCT127 is increasing.

Members are active not only in music but in various fields.

NCT127 member Jaehyun is the MC of Korean popular music program SBS Inkigayo.

Jehyun’s new hair color was revealed in SBS Inkigayo on July 26!

This is Jaehyun from SBS Inkigayo on July 26th.

Jaehyun’s new hair color was… pink!

Before, Jaehyun had a pink hair color.

Jehyun’s pink hair was seen again for the first time in a while, and the fans were happy.

It’s a perfect hair color for Jaehyun’s nickname peach!

Also, as Jaehyun was changing his hair color, rumors are spreading that NCT may start something new.

NCT127, NCT U, Jaehyun may come back for something!

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NCT127 Jaehyun, whose pink hair color has become a hot topic.

Jaehyun may be seeing new activities.

Please check future information♪

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