WayV released MV of new song “Kick Back”! The dance at the climax is very cool!

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WayV, an NCT unit that is active mainly in China.

At the end of 2020, WayV members were active in various units as NCT2020.

WayV is back with a new song “Kick Back”!

This is the MV of Way V “Kick Back” released on March 10th.

This is a new song since NCT2020, and fans all over the world were looking forward to it.

With a powerful intro, the center of Lucas and Ten was really cool!

The vocals of Xiaojun and Ten before the chorus were beautiful, following Yangyang, Hendery, Winwin, Kun, and Lucas.

In the chorus, the phrase “Kick Back” was repeated, and the dance was also an impressive choreography.

At the climax, Xiaojun’s vocals is powerful and I want to listen to it live 😆

The dance at climax was also very cool!

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WayV hosted an online showcase on YouTube and V Live on March 10th.

There was the performance of the new song “Kick Back”and fans all over the world were watching it!

Please check out WayV’s comeback activities in the future ♪